Well hello there, cheers for stopping by! I am Christine, by profession, I'm a talent agent & recipe developer, food stylist, traveler and the woman behind the dishes as well as the lens in most of the photographs you will come across under the Cleireny branding.

pronounced as "CLE- RE-NEE"

First of a lot of people often wonder how to pronounce Cleireny... well it's correctly pronounced as "CLE- RE-NEE".

The name is simply an homage to my wonderful parents Clement and Irene Maroodza who have been the driving force behind my entrepreneurial flair. Having always encouraged me to explore my creativity to wherever it would take me -fortunately for them, the encouragement has led me to recipe developing so thanks to my loving Mom & Dad!.

Originally I am from Zimbabwe in Southern Africa but grew up in the United Kingdom  & USA. I take a lot of my culinary inspiration from Zimbabwean /southern African & Creole cuisine - the use of spices/ flavours and I often mix that with a multicultural twist (being that London is such a melting pot of a lot of cultures). My style of cooking is built around creating an artistic looking dish that tastes beautiful and authentic to my heritage and whatever world cuisine I am preparing.

-as the saying goes "you eat with senses first before you taste"

Personally, I favor food that pleases my senses before taste and I tend to lead by that motto when preparing a dish. Now I must make perfectly clear I'm not a classically trained cook/ recipe developer and most of my dishes are recipes picked up from my Southern African background and being a massive foodie that I am, I'm always super eager to go eat at all the top new restaurant in London -not to mention I have been known to travel to a different country if I were to hear superb reviews on any great restaurant, bistro, pastry/cake shop or bakery. Also, let's not forget I am an agent which makes me fortunate enough to be able to travel the world representing wonderful talented models/creatives.

I'm always excited to taste new dishes, speaking with chefs and taking each recipe I loved then infusing a Southern African element to it. Food & cooking should be experimental and not always the same flavors... why not add a Zimbabwean twist to a sushi roll dish?

"Food & cooking should be experimental and not always the same flavours"

I started cooking from the very young age of 9 purely because I was an overweight child who eventually decided to begin preparing my own healthy dishes as a way to get my weight under control because I knew I didn't want to be an overweight adult.



"Being an overweight child that didn't want to become an overweight adult"

I've always loved food and if left alone for too long in the kitchen, you can guarantee I will be preparing a poorly presented but extravagant dish. Gosh! You've got to love my parents for never discouraging me or telling me to not waste food (chuckles). They would simply be open to tasting and giving an honest review to a 9-year-old. So I guess they saw the passion and potential from early on.


"people have a way of opening up more over dinner than in any other setting"

Leading into adult life and the stress of being a talent agent that works between Europe & USA, cooking soon became a therapeutic & cathartic method to deal with the stresses that come with managing talent in various parts of the world all at once. A way to distress and sit down with those you love to enjoy a meal you've prepared as well as a way to bond with new people. I promise you, people have a way of opening up more over dinner than in any other setting -from my experience at least. After all, who could possibly say I don't like food?!
Food and Music go hand in hand but unlike music, with food, you can enjoy it with more than one of your senses.




"Cooking soon became therapeutic & cathartic"

With this site I aim to highlight what I'm recipe development, provide tips, highlight where I'm travelling to, where is the best places I ate whilst there as well as post where I will be hosting also events I (we) have coming up and you can "come dine with me" so enjoy and follow my social media links for updates on everything!

And again, thanks for stopping by!