FENCHURCH: 5 Stars In The Sky’s




Guess who's back in London town. After being on my Food-Tour the past few weeks! I was beginning to feel a little homesick so opted on coming back to London for a few days before I fly back out again in true "woman on a mission style".
Being abroad for those many weeks, I had become slightly accustomed to warm sunny weather which made getting back to British winter weather a slight body shock, Okay, maybe I'm being a little over-dramatic for someone who is a Londoner and has lived in London nearly my whole life now, I am used to the cold weather but still prefer a little heat regardless.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not one to ever go to a club or anywhere that a typical young adult my age would probably enjoy (I like to think of myself as an old soul). I absolutely love building my businesses, traveling, enjoying amazing food with good company where we can have intellectual conversations as well as being silly... I suppose a classy way to put it is; I prefer social endeavors that are driven by productivity & growth so I had a night out at the Sky Gardens which was such a beautiful to place to visit during night time (despite the cold weather). The building itself, high glass ceilings, reflective purple lights which gave the whole building a purple-pinkish glow all around. Music playing and then to top that off was panoramic views of the entire city of London landscape at such a sky-high level was breathtakingly beautiful.

Frenchuch Restaurant -which is on the 37th floor at the sky gardens. Let's start with the restaurant itself; it felt warm, relaxed, luxurious with dim lights black cream-gray interior with a hint of mustard yellow finishes altogether setting a cozy, warm romantic atmospheric ambiance.


I really wanted to enjoy this experience on every level so took my time ordering. Although lately, something I tend to do when I go to restaurants is engaging in conversations with the waitress attending to me -given that waitresses tend to know a lot about the dishes served. I appreciate their input/opinion on the food they serve to guests so often. Factors like; what are favored dishes & drinks by most guests? I'm a pescetarian (I only eat seafood) what would be key dishes I must try etc. The waitress attending to me was Italian and had in-depth food knowledge so I let her select all 3 of my courses -okay, can be a risky move but I had just come back from a major food tour and thought why not let our lovely waitress present an element of surprise luckily for me, she did not disappoint at all!

Starters- I had octopus which was gorgeous, tender and buttery, melted in your mouth and cooked to perfection which is what I like my seafood to be.

Main- I was served a Cod & risotto dish which again was cooked to perfection. I tend to not enjoy dishes with rice & creamy textures because I've been to Italy and know how risotto is authentically done and should taste which makes me rather particular if not done to that standard. Being the foodie I am, I ate my risotto extremely slowly studying the flavors with my taste palette, dissecting each ingredient composing this whole dish and how I can recreate it myself with my own spin on it. Honestly, this dish was cooked so beautifully I would order it again when I go back to Fenchurch Restaurant.


Dessert- I literally had no room left to have a final dish so my lovely waitress recommended this apple tart (bare in mind, she picked all courses for my meal) presentation was excellent! The scent of the dish was refreshing, just the right level of sweetness, with an apple vanilla infused aroma lingering. My apple tart had all the right components a patisserie dessert should have: warm & crisp on the outside then soft and creamy on the inside. Getting this balance to perfection takes years of practice so I may had been full but was on a mission to at least have one bite purely out of appreciation of the chef's great work!

Compliments to the Chef: Zac Whittle.


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