Fudge Your Diet, Eat Your Dessert…


Ahhh, feels good to be writing again on my Cleireny site.
As a media creative -as well as an entrepreneur (if you like to call it that). It can be overwhelming to do a plethora of tasks in the space of 24 hours but, at the same token, I absolutely love the life that I am fortunate to live, along with the things I get to experience. So, 2018 I have the free range to work remotely and travel around on an amazing food tour. 
What could be better than seeing the world, while eating amazing cuisine, yet still being fortunate to be working and not skipping a beat? I honestly believe this is the secret to working more effectively; that is whilst seeing stunning places with people from different cultures who do not speak the same language as you but have food as a common bond. LOVE IT!
Now I know, when you hear "FISH & CHIP SHOP" you're thinking "well couldn't be that amazing, surely...?"   Well, you would be surprised!  The mood of the building itself; It had good music, intimate in size, dark and dim lighting, high wooden tables with hanging lamp lights, just screaming of a super edgy, urban and uber cool vibe, you can feel the modern touch in this Spanish restaurant.
So, I ordered this dessert using my special ordering technique I put into action when I visit non-English speaking restaurants (judge me if you want), I don't typically look at the menu if it's not written in English because even if I tried,  I wouldn't understand what it means. 
Here's my secret technique to ordering: *queue dramatic sound effect*.
I always look over to the tables beside me and what they are eating and depending on which looks the most pleasing,  I order that also,  It works every time!! And it also gives you a chance to engage with the waiter/ess serving you (as well as other restauranters dinning) on a more friendly personal level. For the most part, each time I travel, people always seem very friendly and engaging towards me and I embrace that love right back.
So, I got this amazing chocolate dessert which everyone seemed to be ordering after each meal. For one let's discuss the presentation... how stunning does this dessert look on a plate?
Ingredients: It's a chocolate mousse drizzled with a light oil, layered on top with crystalized sea salt and accompanied by traditional Spanish biscuits bread.
I may have been full of my main dish, but I definitely had room for this gorgeous piece of art made into an edible velvety chocolate dessert. As soon as you take a bite, it melts in your mouth,  the taste similar to a galaxy chocolate bar made into a velvety dessert, the sea salt really does balance the dish into not being so obvious on your taste buds (in terms of what you'd expect of a chocolate mousse). The flavors take you on a palette journey which I couldn't help but wonder if that is a Spanish influence; infusing the oil, sea salt, and traditional biscuit on a sweet dessert.
Either way, I'm not complaining, and absolutely loved this dish, If you ever are in Barcelona definitely a must try restaurant. 


Fish and Chips Shop

08029, Carrer de Rocafort, 70, 08029 Barcelona, Spain


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