Grilled Pomergranate Snapper

Calling all pescatarians to the front, please! I have the perfect dish you must try this season. I am sticking to the usual theme -as a working woman, we don't always have time to be cooking a full hearty or decadent meal after working 8 hours of the day. Now that's not to say I want to eat a meal that's lacking in quality, flavor or is less visually appetizing. So this is the perfect suggestion for you to try -pomegranate & cashew nuts seasoned grilled fish!

Perks of this dish are; it only takes 20 to 25 minutes to prepare and can be eaten with a fresh summer salad, mashed potatoes or chips, it's your choice!


Now, let's get into how to preparing my pomegranate cashew nut grilled fish.


Fresh fish- Pink Salmon/ Snapper/Trout.
Garlic- grounded (1 small clove).
Lemon- half a lemon (juice).
Toasted Nuts- cashew or walnuts.
Pomegranate seeds.
Raw Coconut oil or butter- 10 grams.
Sea Salt.
Black Pepper.
Asparagus or Green beans.

Preparation Method:
If serving with mashed potatoes, place peeled potatoes (desired amount) to boil in water for 15-20 mins.
Pre-heat the oven at 180F and Lay out foil paper in an oven tray. In a separate bowl, mix together raw coconut oil or butter, garlic, sea salt, black pepper and crushed toasted cashew nuts. Mix this until you have a nice consistency. Take the fish and rub some salt onto that and add a little oil to the tray. Place fish onto the tray then pour the rest of the remaining mixture/ marinate on top of the fish.

Once that's all prepped, place the marinated fish in and leave to grill for 10-15minutes (by 9 minutes add asparagus or green beans into the oven tray and grill in with the fish).








Whilst that's grilling, take potatoes from the boil (once softened), drain water and mash potatoes with butter, dijon mustard, salt & pepper along with adding 20ml of double cream. Mash the potatoes until fluffy and creamy.

If preparing with french fries -simply fry till golden.


After 10 -15mins minutes. Take the fish from the oven and plate on top of the mash potatoes or a side of your French fries, drizzle some of the marinade jus on top then garnish with pomegranate on top.


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