Surf Waves In Cascais

Honesty moment, Cascais was down to all my uber drivers telling me "YOU HAVE TO GO TO CASCAIS!" That's where all the locals go to for the best beaches, restaurants at fantastic value for money and overall stunning Portuguese scenery.
I was now 4 days into my food tour and felt more intrigued to explore the culture and luxuries of the city so I got to Cascais via train after having traveled everywhere via Über -for the simple fact, it was my preference and extremely cheap to travel that way in Lisbon, however, the downside to commuting this way was feeling secluded in a travel/ tourist bubble that restricted me from being able to mingle with the locals and see the realities of normal life in Portugal.
Arrived at Cascais and it did not disappoint! First off; look at the pictures, how beautiful is the town?! Palm trees, blue skies and sandy beaches and surfers all around. Locals were super friendly, the weather was amazing considering this season of the year and a really homely feel In the air actually being there, I didn't feel as though I was a tourist who's from London and people don't necessarily smile at each other on the street but I suppose blue skies, warm weather, sea breeze has a lot to play with the friendly factor!


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