Timeout Market: Sushi Roll

Salmon Caviar Sushi Rolls

Lisbon (Praca do Comércio), I went to the world famous TimeOut Market which was pretty spectacular! The atmosphere, the scent of fresh foods in the air, wine tasting. It is honestly such a feast for all the senses. After strolling around trying to pick the perfect thing to eat from such a vast amount of options, I opted for having sushi because I am a hardcore Sushi Lover so I had Salmon Caviar Sushi Rolls -I'm pretty sure there is a term for the dish but can't quite remember the name but as you can tell not only is it absolutely gorgeous to look at and it tasted really good!

Food & discovering flavours is one of my life's true passions but for some reason I'm always excited to taste the best sushi in all the local places I travel to (imagine when I go to Japan!) The flavours: Super-soft and buttery on the palette yet filling retains that fresh fish texture and refreshingOne thing I've got to say I loved about TimeOut Market Lisbon is the sense of a community of Foodies compressed in one market space where we can indulge our gluttonous urges -it sounds bad but it feels great!


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